What Are We All About?

Our Vision is to "Bring All of Africa To Christ"

Our Method is to "Get People to Know Christ by Joining Him in Acts of Compassion"

Our  Core Values:

bulletWe are Christ's Ambassadors
bulletWe believe in holistic ministry
bulletWe hold that compassionate ministry to the poor includes acts of charity as well as a struggle to provide opportunity, equality, and justice for the poor
bulletWe believe that Christian responsibility to the poor is an essential aspect of the life of every believer who seeks a faith that works through love.
bulletWe understand Christian holiness to be inseparable from ministry to the poor in that it drives the Christian beyond his or her own individual perfection and toward the creation of a more just and equitable society and world.

Contact Information

In Africa

Director of Coach-Mozambique Filimao@frincke.com 

Director of Programs for AIDS Orphans and Children at Risk Samantha@frincke.com


 In the United States:

Coach Ministries
41 Grand Rio Circle
Sacramento, CA 95826

Telephone []

E-mail:      Info@frincke.com

Thanks to Sacramento Locksmith for the support to bring us back on track!

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Last modified: May 24, 2016